We will open for sales on Thanksgiving Day at 10am.  If this is too early for you to put a tree up you may select your tree, pay for it, and then have it cut at your convenience.  (If you will call ahead and give up plenty of time your tree will be ready when you arrive to pick it up).  If you are really pressed for time we will select a tree for you if you will give us all of your specifications such as, height, shape, quality, and maximum price you want to pay.


Each tree for sale has a tag with a number and tree height on the tag.  We measure our trees allowing for a 7inch handle (trunk) regardless of the actual handle length.  We suggest that you select a tree that is at least six inches shorter than your ceiling as the trees are measured in 3 inch increments and sometimes may actually be up to 2.5 inches taller that what is on the tag.  Also if you like the handle taller than the seven inches we allow, then your tree will just be that much taller when placed in the house.  (Example: if you select a tree marked 7’-9” and you decide to cut the bottom at 10”, then the tree could actually be up to 8’-2.5” and would not go in a house with an eight foot ceiling).


Each tree is measured and graded according to quality.  Trees with defects are discounted, the larger the number or severity of defects, the greater the discount.  Prices start at $3 per foot and go to a maximum of $6 per foot for trees shorter than nine feet.  Prices for trees 9’ to 9’-9”range from $3 up to $7 per foot.  Prices for trees 10’ to 10’-9”range from $3 up to $7.50 per foot.  Prices for trees 11’ or taller range from $3 to $8 per foot. 


Once you find the tree you want, tear the bottom half of the tag off, take it to the cashier at the sales booth and tell them if you want it cut now or if you will pick it up later.  If it is to be cut now we will furnish you a saw if you wish to cut the tree yourself of we will cut the tree, shake all the dead needles and debris from the tree, place a plastic netting over the tree to make it easier to transport and to get through your doorways, and then load the tree into your vehicle and secure it for transport.


We will also offer tree stands for sale.  Our stands are some of the very best on the market and our premium stands, which will accommodate extremely crooked or short trunks (handles), cannot be purchased in local retail outlets.  (Trees with crooked trunks (handle) are discounted as much as $1 per foot of tree height).